Sphingolipid-modifying enzyme Ifc/DEGS1 controls intracellular vesicle trafficking for neurodegeneration (2019.07.19)

  • 2019-07-02
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講者:詹智強 副教授
現職:Graduate Institute of Physiology, National Taiwan University
時間:108年7月19日 (星期五) 12:30-13:30

Sphingolipids are particularly abundant in the nervous system. Mutations in many of the sphinglipid-modyfying enzymes are associated with neurodegenerative diseases. DEGS1/Ifc converts dihydroceramide into ceramide in the de novo sphingolipid synthesis pathway. Mutations of DEGS1 have recently been identified in patients of leukodystrophy. In this talk I will discuss our findings on its fruit fly ortholog ifc. By combing the power genetics of the flies with confocal imaging,we reveal the role of ifc in activity-dependent neurodegeneration through regulating exosomal secreasing and autophagic degradation.