David Niddam
姓名 David Niddam
电子邮件 niddam@ym.edu.tw
联络电话 02-2826-7389
POSITION TITLE/AFFILIATIONS 2020-迄今 国立阳明交通大学脑科学中心 研究员
2013-迄今 国立阳明交通大学脑科所 兼任副教授
2008-2020 国立阳明大学脑科学中心 副研究员
2004-迄今 台北荣民总医院 教学研究部 整合性脑功能研究小组 副研究员
2010-2013 国立阳明大学脑科所 兼任助理教授
2003-2008 国立阳明大学脑科学中心 助理研究员
2002-2003 国立阳明大学神经科学研究中心 博士后研究员
EDUCATION/TRAINING 2002 丹麦奥尔堡大学感觉与运动研究中心 生物医学科学及神经科学之工程学博士学位
2001 台北荣总整合性脑功能研究小组客座研究人员
1998 丹麦哥本哈根大学生物物理及物理 科学硕士
1996 丹麦哥本哈根大学生物物理及物理 科学学士
研究专长 医学工程、神经科学、医学物理、疼痛
研究概况 The main focus of my work is on central processing of acute and chronic pain. Recent research is focused on the mechanisms underlying alleviation of clinical ongoing pain in response to modulatory techniques such as peripheral and central stimulation and pharmacological intervention. A variety of brain imaging techniques, pain modalities, and tissue systems are being explored. Optimized stimulation protocols are being developed for intractable headaches using transcranial DC stimulation. The central manifestations of the pain modulatory effects are being investigated with newly developed techniques such as 2D and 3D glutamatergic MR spectroscopic imaging and functional brain connectivity. All research is performed in close collaboration with clinicians and MR physicists.
年度 论文名称
2014 Niddam DM, Tsai SY, Lin YR. Statistical mapping of metabolites in the medial wall of the brain: A proton echo planar spectroscopic imaging study. Hum Brain Mapp. 2014 Oct 23
2014 Lin CS, Hsieh JC, Yeh TC, Niddam DM. Predictability-mediated pain modulation in context of multiple cues: An event-related fMRI study. Neuropsychologia. 2014 Sep 26;64C:85-91
2013 Lin CS, Hsieh JC, Yeh TC, Lee SY, Niddam DM. Functional dissociation within insular cortex: the effect of pre-stimulus anxiety on pain. Brain Res. 2013; 1493:40-7
2013 Lin CS, Niddam DM, Hsu ML, Hsieh JC. Pain catastrophizing is associated with dental pain in a stressful context. J Dental Res. 2013; 92(2): 130-5. (Equal contribution to first authorship.)
2013 Tu CH, Niddam DM, Yeh TC, Lirng JF, Cheng CM, Chou CC, Chao HT, Hsieh JC. Menstrual pain is associated with rapid structural alterations in the brain. Pain. 2013 May 18
2012 Tsai SY, Lin YR, Wang WC, Niddam DM. Short- and long-term quantitation reproducibility of brain metabolites in the medial wall using proton echo planar spectroscopic imaging. NeuroImage 2012; Nov 15; 63(3): 1020-1029
2011 Niddam DM, Tsai SY, Lu CL, Ko CW, Hsieh JC. Reduced hippocampal glutamate-glutamine levels in irritable bowel syndrome: preliminary findings using magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Am. J. Gastro. 2011, 106(8):1503-11.
2010 Tu CH, Niddam DM, Chao HT, Chen LF, Chen YS, Wu YT, Yeh TC, Lirng JF, Hsieh JC. Brain morphological changes associated with cyclic menstrual pain. Pain. 2010 Sep;150(3):462-468.