Fu-Jung Hsiao
Biomedical Technologies
Name Fu-Jung Hsiao
Email fujunghsiao@gmail.com
Office Tel No. 28267000-6158
POSITION TITLE/AFFILIATIONS Associate Researcher/Brain Research Center
EDUCATION/TRAINING 2005 Ph.D, degree in Biomedical Engineering. National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
2000 MS degree in Biomedical Engineering. Chung-Yuan University, Taiwan
Research Electrophysiological signatures of neurological diseases

My current research aims at exploring the electrophysiological signatures of neurological diseases, including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, migraine, fibromyalgia, Paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia, and patients with carotid stenosis, by using MEG and EEG recordings. To extract the important features, advanced multi-domain (time, frequency, phase, and space) data analysis is utilized with current source technique (Minimum norm estimates). It provides the neurophysiological mechanism with fine temporal and spatial information. For example, we discovered the neural correlates of somatosensory paired-pulse suppression (Hsiao et al. NeuroImage, 2013) and theta activities characterizing the auditory change detection processing in/between the temporal and frontal cortex (Hsiao et al. Biol. Psychol. 2009, 2010). Alzheimer’s disease is known as disconnection syndrome. By auditory oddball and resting-state task, in AD, we found the deterioration of temporo-frontal connection for deviant stimuli (Hsiao et al. Hum. Brain Map.  2014) and the disruption of the default mode network (Hsiao et al. PLoS ONE, 2013) and enhancement of the sensorimotor network (Hsiao et al. Neurosci. Lett., 2014). Epilepsy is characterized by recurrent and unprovoked seizures. In temporal lobe epilepsy, reinforced default mode network reflected the alterations of the resting-state functional connectivity (Hsiao et al. under review). Using resting state EEG recording, the altered cerebral hemodynamics and cognitive impairment for asymptomatic carotid stenosis was characterized by augmented theta and attenuated alpha activities in the cortical regions (Hsiao et al. Clin. EEG and Neurosci., In revision). Now, to further investigate the underlying mechanisms and the biomarkers, resting-state MEG/EEG recording will be carried out on the epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, migraine, and fibromyalgia patients. Besides, the measurement of cortical excitability and autonomic system for migraine and fibromyalgia patients using paired-pulse paradigm and heart rate variability analysis is also our future work .
Year Paper Title
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