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Research Application of diffusion MRI and functional imaging techniques to interdisciplinary research
Year Paper Title
2010 Chun-Yi Lo, Pei-Ning Wang, Kun-Hsien Chou, Jinhui Wang, Yong He*, Ching-Po Lin*. 2010 “Diffusion tensor tractography reveals abnormal topological organization in structural cortical networks in Alzheimer’s disease” Journal of Neuroscience (In press).
2010 Kun-Hsien Chou, Yawei Cheng, I-Yun Chen, Ching-Po Lin*, Woei-Chyn Chu *. 2010 “Sex-Linked White Matter Microstructure of the Social and the Analytic Brain” NeuroImage (In press).
2010 Kuen-Jer Tsai, Chun-Hung Yang, Yen-Hsin Fang, Kuan-Hung Cho, Wei-Lin Chien, Wei-Ting Wang, Tzu-Wei Wu, Ching-Po Lin, Wen-Mei Fu, Che-Kun James Shen. 2010 “Elevated expression of TDP-43 in the forebrain of mice is sufficient to cause neurological and pathological phenotypes mimicking FTLD-U” Journal of Experimental Medicine (In press).
2010 Wei-Ta Chen, Shuu-Jiun Wang, Jong-Ling Fuh, Ching-Po Lin, Yu-Chieh Ko, Yung-Yang Lin. 2010 “Persistent ictal-like visual cortical excitability in chronic migraine” Pain (In press).
2010 Yawei Cheng, Chen-Yi Chen, Ching-Po Lin, Kun-Hsien Chou, Jean Decety. 2010 “Love hurts: an fMRI study” NeuroImage 51(2): 923-929.
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2010 Yawei Cheng, Kun-Hsien Chou, I-Yun Chen, Yang-Teng Fan, Jean Decety, Ching-Po Lin*. 2010 “Atypical Development of Frontal Fractional Anisotropy in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder” NeuroImage, Apr; 50(3): 873-882.
2010 Erick Jorge Canales-Rodríguez+, Ching-Po Lin+, Yasser Iturria-Medina, Chun-Hung Yeh, Kuan-Hung Cho, Lester Melie-Garcia. 2010 “Diffusion Orientation Transform Revisited” NeuroImage, Jan 15; 49(2): 1326-39.
2010 Cheng-Ta Li, Ching-Po Lin*, Kun-Hsien Chou, I-Yun Chen, Jen-Chuen Hsieh, Chia-Liang Wu, Wei-Chen Lin, Tung-Ping Su*. 2010 “Structural and cognitive deficits in remitted and non-remitted recurrent depression: A voxel based morphometric study” NeuroImage, 50: 347–356.
2010 Ke-Hsin Chen, Hsin-Ya Fan, Su-Ping Tsao, Yi-Ping Chao, Ching-Po Lin*. 2010 “Probabilistic Language Pathways Based HARDI Tractography” Chinese Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 27(3):1-8.
2010 Yu-Ming Chuang, Wanyuo Guo, Ching-Po Lin. 2010 “Appraising the Plasticity of the Circle of Willis: A Model of Hemodynamic Modulation in Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations” European Neurology, 63: 295–301.
2009 Yi-Ping Chao, Kuan-Hung Cho, Chun-Hung Yeh, Kun-Hsien Chou, Jyh-Horng Chen, Ching-Po Lin*. 2009 “Probabilistic topography of human corpus callosum using cytoarchitectural parcellation and HARDI-tractography” Human Brain Mapping, Oct; 30(10): 3172-87.
2009 Kuan-Hung Cho, Chun-Hung Yeh, Jyh-Horng Chen, Ching-Po Lin*. 2009 “Potential in reducing scan times of HARDI by accurate correction of the cross-term in a hemi-spherical encoding scheme” Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Jun; 29(6): 1386-94.
2009 Wei-Che Lin, Cheng-Hsien Lu, Yu-Chang Lee, Hung-Chen Wang, Chun-Chung Lui, Yu-Fan Cheng, Yi-Ting Shih, Ching-Po Lin*. 2009 “White matter damage in carbon monoxide intoxication assessed in vivo using diffusion tensor MRI” American Journal of Neuroradiology, Jun; 30(6): 1248-55.
2009 Meng-Rui Lee, Yu-Ming Chuang, Wen-Jone Chen, Ching-Po Lin. 2009 “Meticulous blood pressure control is mandatory for symptomatic primitive trigeminal artery” Am J Emerg Med, 27 (5) pp. 634.e5-7.
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2009 Yawei Cheng, Kun-Hsien Chou, Jean Decety, I-Yun Chen, Daisy Hung, Ovid Jyh-Lang Tzeng, Ching-Po Lin*. 2009 “Sex Differences in the Neuroanatomy of Human Mirror-Neuron System: a Voxel-Based Morphometric Investigation” Neuroscience, Jan; 158(2): 713–720.
2008 Kuan-Hung Cho, Chun-Hung Yeh, Jacques-Donald Tournier, Yi Ping Chao, Jyh-Horng Chen*, Ching-Po Lin*. 2008 “Evaluation of the accuracy and angular resolution of Q-ball imaging” NeuroImage, Aug 1; 42(1): 262-271.
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2008 林慶波,大腦神經網路:凡走過必留下痕跡,2008,科學人四月刊
2008 林慶波、江品儀、趙一平,擴散磁振造影之發展與應用,2008,科儀新知四月刊
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